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  • Alex Yatsko (Las Vegas, USA) – Co-Founder of Swim Technique TV. Started swimming career back in 2004 when first qualified for the European Junior Championship in Lisbon, Portugal. After competing in Europe, moved to the U.S. where successfully continued swimming and teaching the sport. Holds Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and Master’s degree in Communication. Loves swimming, traveling, marketing on occasion.
  • Nikita Belousov (St. Petersburg, Russia) – Co-Founder of Swim Technique TV. Being introduced to swimming by his parents, Nikita started putting his name on a swimming map at an early age. His competing experience in the U.S. and numerous cities around the world were responsible for creating underwater filming at Swim Technique TV. Holds Bachelor’s degree in International Business, loves swimming, golf and traveling.
  • Underwater Filming

    We provide high quality footage to athletes and coaches for a better swim technique analysis.

  • Video Lessons

    Personalized swimming lessons to help you understand and learn the basics of each stroke.

  • Growing Community

    Learning together is more fun! Join our swimming community on Facebook and YouTube.

  • Mobile Access

    No matter where you are, you can access our videos from your mobile device or tablet.

  • Swimming Gear

    We use and recommend swimming gear only from the most reputable and trusted brands.

  • Professional Support

    Have questions? We’d like to hear from you! Our professional staff and members are always ready to help.

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